The October 7th Massacre, Step by Step

Warning: this article features EXTREMELY DISTURBING videos from the October 7th massacre.

In the early morning hours of October 7, 2023, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel in a coordinated effort from land, air, and sea. Around 3,000 terrorists breached the Israel-Gaza border, targeting civilians and soldiers in over 20 Southern communities and four military bases. The attacks resulted in over 1,100 deaths including 840 civilians, with 360 from the Nova electronic music festival alone. Additionally more than 4,800 were injured and 241 kidnapped into Gaza. Forty people are still missing.

The stories that have come out from that Black Saturday are grim. The videos – many from Hamas themselves – are brutal. Mutilation, Beheaded babies. People burned alive. Parents shot protecting children. Rape. Entire families lost. How did it all unfold? Let’s walk through what happened on that Black Saturday.

As sirens wailed throughout the country, Hamas militants armed with RPGs and hand grenades were already invading via pickup trucks, motorcycles, motorized paragliders,  and motorboats…

6:30 – Be’eri

Be’eri gate: Heavily armed Hamas terrorists enter the kibbutz

According to collected What’s App messages and security footage, around 90 Hamas terrorists arrived at Kibbutz Be’eri even before the rockets sounded at 6:30, executing a civilian in his vehicle and dispersing into neighborhoods to torture and murder residents When they couldn’t get to the people hiding in their safe rooms, they burned their houses. At 9:00, IDF soldiers from the Shaldag unit arrived, but were overwhelmed and retreated. Another Shaldag squad made an impact by 13:00, but by then a hostage situation had already unfolded in the kibbutz dining hall. While the hostages were finally rescued and the terrorists neutralized the following day, terrorists had massacred 108 citizens, more than 10% of Be’eri’s 1,200 residents. At least 25 other people were kidnapped and taken into Gaza.

6:30 – Nova Music Festival

Dashboard camera: Hamas terrorists throw grenades into a bomb shelter with civilians

The Nova trance music festival, a coming together of “friends, love, and infinite freedom,” celebrated the end of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot with a big dance party near Kibbutz Re’im just 5km from the Gaza border. The event went long into the night and became a target for Hamas terrorists at dawn. At 6am, festivalgoers were still dancing up a storm. At 6:30, sirens were blaring and rockets lit up the sky prompting attendees to seek shelter and eventually evacuate the area.

By 7:00, the festival grounds were surrounded by armed terrorists who began shooting young peoples they fled through open fields. Some drove away and came across Hamas terrorists shooting at them down the road. Others escaped by taking empty paths, without knowing where they would end up and if they would encounter Hamas members along the way. Attendees concealed themselves in bushes or played dead. Some took refuge in bomb shelters where Hamas militants lobbed live grenades. Survivors hid under dead bodies. Disturbing reports emerged of women being raped and dead bodies being burned. More than 25 people who had attended the festival were kidnapped and taken back to Gaza. Initially, it was reported that 260 people lost their lives at the festival, but Israeli police later revised the death toll to a staggering 364 people – almost ⅓ of all October 7 deaths.

10:00 – Re’im Military Base

At 10:00, the IDF said that Hamas fighters had entered at least three military installations around the Gaza border communities – the Erez border crossing, the Zikim base, and the military base at Re’im, headquarters of the Gaza division. At the Battle of Re’im, Hamas members arrived on motorbikes and  overpowered the guards. While many soldiers were captured or killed, the Israeli army finally regained control of the base some 13 hours later. Residents of the community are still asking what took so long?

10:00 – Battle of Zikim

Hamas fighters invaded the Israeli community of Zikim, which includes a kibbutz and the Bahad 4 military post, a training base for IDF recruits. The IDF’s Home Front Command’s Search and Rescue Brigade at Zikim were able to hold off Hamas terrorists, saving 90 new recruits from the attack. They did, however, lose six officers and another new recruit. Fighting at Zikim is still considered to be ongoing, as terrorists continue attempts to enter Israel via sea and the army still monitors the area for militants who may have escaped initial clashes.

11:35 – Nahal Oz

“We are at war,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweets in Hebrew. Meanwhile, Hamas terrorists have invaded Kibbutz Nahal Oz, a community founded in 1951 as the first settlement of Nahal soldiers in the country, which later transitioned to civilians. The morning of Simchat Torah on October 7 was supposed to commemorate 70 years of the kibbutz with celebration. Instead, the day was filled with tragedy. In one story, militants took a 17-year old son of kibbutz residents door to door so that other families would open their homes to a familiar face. Later, he was murdered. According to reports, more than 100 were massacred at the kibbutz and at a nearby Nahal Oz base, where terrorists killed most of the soldiers trying to hide and captured at least six female soldiers.

12:30 – Kfar Gaza

Terrorist bodycam footage, found on a dead terrorist. Initial moments in which Hamas terrorists invaded Kfar Aza Kibbutz. You can hear constant gunfire, probably execution of civilians.

By 12:30, the IDF had begun operations to relieve cities in southern Israel, but by then, many of Kfar Aza’s residents were already dead. Reports said most of them had been massacred in the opening hours of the attack. Kfar Gaza, a kibbutz of some 400 people, was one of the hardest hit communities on October 7. At least 52 people are known to have been killed but more have yet to be identified because they were so badly mutilated. Hamas burned houses and residents were found with their hands tied. One IDF soldier told a news outlet that 40 children had been killed and some of them had been beheaded by Hamas. At least 15 people were kidnapped and taken to Gaza.

17:00 Massacres at Mefalsim, Nir Oz, Netiv HaAsara, Ofakim and many more…

Mefalsim kibbutz: A civilian is fleeing, but get shot in the side abdomen, falls and cracks his head.

Around 16:00, US President Joe Biden spoke with Netanyahu to offer his condolences and support. At 17:00, Netanyahu made a televised speech to the Israeli people repeating his statement that Israel is at war and “will win.” But communities in Nir Oz, Netiv HaAsara, Alumim, Kissufim, Holit, Sderot, and many more, had already suffered greatly, with help coming from the IDF too late.

In Nir Oz, Hamas began attacking individuals working out in the fields and then went on to kill residents and families. For 10 hours, the people of the village fought desperately to keep them away, but more than 25 were murdered and more than 80 were kidnapped to Gaza. In Netiv HaAsara, Hamas overtook the community by sailing in on paragliders and then going house to house to kill families. They also went after the community rapid response team and cut the electricity so that much of the village was trapped in darkness. More than 20 were killed. A bit further from the Gaza border, Ofakim, a town of 30,000 people, was taken over by Hamas in the early hours when Hamas terrorists infiltrated early morning armed with weapons and guns. At least 20 people were killed, but one survivor, Rachel Edry, became a household name when she spent 15 hours with terrorists, serving them cookies and tea and singing with them until Israeli soldiers saved her and her husband.

Mobilization and War

While heroic stories have slowly crept into the narrative of October 7th, the day is dark and extremely tragic. In the aftermath, Israel responded by capturing and eliminating hundreds of Hamas terrorists involved in the massacres. With support from the U.S.A. and other nations, Israel mobilized at least 300,000 reservists, formally declaring war on Hamas to dismantle its military capabilities and terminate its rule on the Gaza Strip. Heartbreaking testimonies from survivors, first responders, and soldiers continue to emerge, underscoring the profound impact of the tragedy.

October 7 was one of the darkest days in Israeli history.

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