The North of Israel is Under Fire, Internal Refugees Flee

While attention is riveted on Gaza, over 80,000 Israelis near the Lebanon border have fled. Since October 7, the north of Israel has been shelled daily by Hezbollah, a Shiʿi terrorist organization with close ties to Iran. Hezbollah has ten times the fire power of Hamas and is capable of launching thousands of missiles every day. More than ten years ago, it declared its intention to invade Israel, with a plan identical to that used by Hamas on October 7,
October 7

I have a friend…

"On the morning of October 7, they saw terrorists in their yard and then hid in their safe room.  A neighboring house was burned down, and her house was badly damaged. The terrorists didn't kill everyone there; they left, leaving the kibbutz half destroyed, half of its residents dead, half scared to death." Personal experiences from October 7th massacre.
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Israel, an Integrated Society

From the diversity of Haifa's neighborhoods, to the vibrant interfaith coexistence symbolized in the annual "Holiday of Holidays" festival, we explore the tapestry of Israeli society. We highlight significant strides in Arab integration, from healthcare to the judiciary, and a nation where different cultures and faiths thrive, from the halls of the Supreme Court to the multicultural streets of Haifa.